Configuring oAuth authentication for CDS

It has been quite some time since Microsoft announced the use of oAuth to connect between Server environments, but many organizations are still using username and password to connect to Dynamics 365 or the Command Data Service (CDS).

I recently had to work on a migration project, and while this customer was using legacy credentials to authenticate, they had no problems doing so with all of their environments. After they provisioned a new environment, suddenly they started receiving authentication exceptions from their data migration tool (using Kingswaysoft and SSIS).

Logic Apps and Azure On-Premise Data Gateway - Part II (Configuration)

In the second part of the installation of configuration of Azure Logic Apps with the On-Premise Data Gateway, we will review the requirements that are need inside of the Azure Portal. This will cover the creation of the Data Gateway resource, the Logic app and the creation of the Trigger and Action inside of the Logic App designer.

Logic Apps and Azure On-Premise Data Gateway - Part I (Installation)

I recently had a requirement to configure Logic Apps for use with the Azure On-Premise Data Gateway and connection to an Oracle On-Premise database. Since I did not have access to the Oracle database at that point, I decided to try this out with an On-Premise SQL Server database as the logic should have been similar. I downloaded the Azure On-Premise Data Gateway and installed it on the server, and the configured the Azure environment to connect to the server and post data back to Dynamics 365. This post will be split into 2. The first is the installation of the Azure On-Premise Data Gateway, and the second is the configuration in Microsoft Azure, creating the connection, Logic App and setting the trigger and action.