SharePoint Documents are back in Dynamics Portals October 2018 Release

by Levin, Aric

Business Solutions  Dynamics 365  Dynamics CRM  General  Portals  SharePoint 

Posted on 7/24/2018 9:38:00 AM

Ever since Microsoft purchased AdxStudios and replaced the product with Dynamics Portals, one of the biggest pains was the removal of SharePoint documents. The interim solution of course was available using Azure blobs with the Dynamics Labs solution which provided document uploads, but using the Out of the Box SharePoint Documents was a miss by a lot of Portal Developers.

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Microsoft Competency Changes

by Levin, Aric

Development  General  SharePoint 

Posted on 11/20/2012 6:57:00 PM

Today, the merging of the new Microsoft Competencies was instituted.

The ISV, Web Development and Software Development Competencies have been merged to form a new competency called Application Development.

The Application Development competency is aimed to differentiate the company's expertise in developing application on Windows 8, Windows Server or Windows Azure, or leveraging the power of Visual Studio 2012.

The Portals and Collaboration, Content Management and Search Competencies have been merged to form a new competency called Collaboration and Content.

The new Collaboration and Content competency is aimed to highlight Microsoft Partners with the skills to provide Collaboration and Content expertise.

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Brite Global attains Gold Customer Relationship Management Competency

by Levin, Aric

Dynamics CRM  General 

Posted on 8/16/2012 6:34:00 PM

Brite Global attains the Gold Customer Relationship Management competency.

Microsoft Partners with Gold Competencies represent organizations that have demonstrated the highest, most consistent capability and commitment with a specific Microsoft Business Solutions area. Achieve a Gold Competency helps indicate our best-in-class capabilities to our customers. By earning this distinction of a Gold Competency, Brite Global receives unique benefits designed to support our business objectives. As a Microsoft Partner, we have earned a combination of both Gold and Silver competencies.

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Brite Global attains Portals and Collaboration Competency

by Levin, Aric

General  SharePoint 

Posted on 8/1/2012 3:32:00 PM

Brite Global attains the Silver Portals and Collaboration competency.
By attaining he Portals and Collaboration competency, we have now demonstrated that we have the skills and proven experience in meeting team and organizational collaboration and connectivity needs across intranets, extranets and internet applications. This will help our customers build rich collaboration solutions that connect teams, improve access to information and increase productivity.

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