Configure Azure Service Bus to integrate between CDS and On-Premise SQL database

In this blog post I will demonstrate how to use Azure Service Bus and a Listener application to integrate between the Common Data Service (Dynamics 365 or Power Apps Model Driven Application) and an On Premise SQL Service database.

Format Text by using PCF Control and Regular Expressions

On one of our recent projects, we had a requirement to only allow valid Tax Id Numbers on that field. There are various ways of implementing this, but as the direction seems to be to shift the development of these kind of features to custom controls, we decided to implement it as a PCF custom control.

Embed a simple Power Virtual Agent in Power Apps Portal

A little late in the game as Power Virtual Agent is already in Public Preview and trials are available, but I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to create a bot, publish it and add it to your Power Apps Portal page.

Power Virtual Agents allows user to quickly and easily create powerful bots using a graphical no-code graphical experience. To start creating our first bot, we navigate to or which will redirect to

What new in the Common Data Service Connector?

With the Power Platform Wave 2 release, we started noticing some progressive changes to the Common Data Service connector. When you do a search for “Common Data Service” in the connector search box, you will see two separate connectors. The first connector which we are used to is still called the Common Data Service connector, but you will notice that there is an additional connector called Common Data Service (current environment) connector.

Creating a NAICS Code PCF Control using WebApi

In many of the projects that I have worked over the past years, either government of private sector, while working with other businesses it has become a common practice to request that Industry information from the companies that you work with, and furthermore the NAICS code. While not every company knows their NAICS code, drilling down to get it using the Industry (2-digit code), Subsector (4-digit code) and NAICS title (6-digit code) might be the way to go, sometimes you might want to bypass this complex search if you know ahead of time your business’ NAICS code and have it auto populated for you.